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Are you planning to Buy Mega Fliers? It’s a good start if you want to practice modding and if you’re collecting all the flying RC species. As you know in our earlier reviews on this toy, the Mega Fliers are somewhat of a knockoff of the genuine Air Swimmers products from the William Mark Corporation.

Unlike the rest of the knockoffs out there (if you do plan to Buy Mega Fliers) just know that this “knockoff” is actually one of the most successful knockoffs out in the market today.

Buy Mega Fliers for a Cheaper Price

Buy Mega Fliers

When the Air Swimmers first came out last year, it was pretty expensive and a lot of people have been buying Mega Fliers instead. You do get what you pay for though.

The reason why I say that is because if you had bought a genuine Air Swimmer, you can replace it if you ever break it or if you need to replace a part for free if you email the William Mark Corporation. Here are the details to find out if your Air Swimmers toy is a genuine product.

Buy Mega Fliers on Amazon

Buy Mega Fliers on Amazon

Going the cheaper route? Just want to try new things without the fear of losing a bunch of cash? Just go to Amazon and get the Mega Fliers at the cheapest price possible. Amazon also has replacements if you ever break or even lose a piece of your Mega Fliers toy.

Air Swimmers

I’ll say this again, you’ll get what you pay for. Buy Air Swimmers instead and have it last longer, better yet you can even feel the difference in quality if you compare them both.
Whatever option you choose, just make sure that you visit back to airswimmersworld for mods and prizes!

Don’t delay Buy Mega Fliers or Air Swimmers today.

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