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It seems like everyone likes the Air Swimmers franchise.
another great thing you will like is poker.

Everybody liked or had liked playing with toys. School-age children feel more grown-up and love activities that lead to “real products” such as jewelry, “designer” T-shirts, or
stamp collections. They also develop a keen interest in sports and enjoy having adult-like physical equipment such as air swimmers, tennis rackets, or skates.

They have a better understanding of rules and enjoy playing with others. Board games, cards, or dominoes teach math concepts and problem-solving skills. As we get older we play with different things such as poker.

Poker can be fun at times…Actually what am I saying, poker is fun all the time. Especially if you’re sitting on a table ready to go all in.

Remember to store toys safely though, toy safety involves choosing the right toy while it being checked regularly for damage, and storing it safely. One of the greatest dangers in toy storage is the toy chest with a free-falling lid. Children are injured when the lid falls on them. Upright lids in trunks and footlockers pose this kind of hazard.

Open chests or bins, chests with lightweight removable lids, or chests with sliding doors or panels do not present the hazard of a falling lid. Low, open shelves where toys can be reached easily and put away are a safer alternative and are often preferred by children.

Small items such as building blocks or puzzle pieces can be stored in plastic tubs or boxes

All in all, it’s pretty fun in the Air Swimmers community, everyone is welcomed and respected.

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