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Make sure that you still keep up with Air Swimmers in 2013 because the William Mark Corporation might produce newer models. It’s incredible, a year has passed and the remote controlled flying shark is bringing even more fans from all over the world. Who knows, your cat or dog might even be hiding an air swimmer under your bed, I wouldn’t be surprised because it’s everywhere. We hope you all have a happy new year!

Air Swimmers in 2013

Air Swimmers in 2013

There are a lot of things to expect from Air Swimmers in 2013. People from all over the world who has got a remote controlled flying toy for Christmas are posting videos of their talents performing tricks with the toys.

Last year, people were starting up races in their city and people would gather up and duke it out for bragging rights and a prize. That’s where mods come in handy and people were sending in mods suggestions and tutorials for the Air Swimmers in 2013.

It’ll be interesting seeing the Air Swimmers in 2013 and the new features on the product models because of the giant leap the toy took when it hopped on the toy shelves in a short amount of time and having a community base for additional support.

Air Swimmers in 2013 Review

Air Swimmers in 2013 Review

In this Air Swimmers in 2013 review we are proud to say that the Genuine Air Swimmers models are still going strong even while it’s battling the knockoff competitors. Make sure you buy a Genuine Air Swimmer when you buy it online.

The Whale model of the Air Swimmers in 2013 seems to be rising in popularity because of its cute features; it’s large and swims gracefully in the air without a problem. The plump design matches the whale’s artwork and makes it a crowd favorite in almost any occasion.

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