Mega Fliers Review

This is the ultimate Mega Fliers Review. If you are looking for a toy that will provide clean fun for every one; both to children as well as adults, then you might have found the perfect fit in the radio controlled inflatable air swimmers. But this is a knockoff review of a product that is not associated with the William Mark Corporation.
Mega filers – are essentially an in house toy and when you purchase this toy what you get to choose from a few selections of flying fish like air swimmers that include – the clown fish; the flying shark; the great white shark, and the big mouth bass – all this in balloon kit form.

The purchase of these air swimmer like products assures the buyer of the following features.

Mega Fliers Review: Features

Radio controlled remote control that uses 2 size AA batteries.
A balloon kit that runs on one size A battery and is sheathed in canvas making it virtually unscratched in so far as wear and tear issues are concerned.
Dimensions: vary from fish to fish.

Mega Fliers Review

Mega Fliers Review Big Mouth Bass

A cursory glance at the reviews that the product has left in its wake makes for interesting reading.

Mega Fliers Review Positives: The toys from Mega fliers cut across all ages. Secondly the semi-tough nylon build of the material makes this a toy that is a tough nut to crack; and lastly it doesn’t require the expenditure of vast amounts of energy to power it – 3 size AA batteries( two for the remote and one for the flying fish).

Mega Fliers Review Negatives: The negatives that the toy garnered are as follows: Foremost because of its size the issue of it being an in house play toy is seen as a misnomer of sorts.
Secondly the quality is a lot more poor than the actual air swimmers product and it might not last as long as you expect it to.

In summary a toy that has been billed as the best 2011 knockoff toy might actually leave up to its billing.

We hope this Mega Fliers Review helped you out!

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