Air Swimmer Shark Instructions

Air Swimmer Shark InstructionsAir Swimmer Shark Instructions 2

Welcome the to Air Swimmer Shark Instructions guide but first of all, let us congratulate you on your purchase of your Air Swimmer Shark!
An insanely fun fully manuevorable remote controlled flying fish.

If you haven’t purchased an Air Swimmer yet it’s not too late. Grab A Shark for $20, your Air Swimmer Shark Instructions will come with it.

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions

This video will take you step by step through the easy assembly process so you can get your Air Swimmer Shark flying in no time.

For the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions You Will need:

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 3
Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 4

  • -One Shark balloon
    -One remote control
    -Air Swimmer Shark Instructions
    -One pod track
    -One Tail Fin
    -Two underbelly fins
    -One tail motor unit with foam spacer
    -One Ribbon
    -Four elastic bands
    -Four fastening clips
    -One Doral Fin
    -One triple A and One 9volt battery
    -Four hooks-18 clear taped tabs
    -12 double-sided sticky pads
    -One putty

*You will also require a small cross head screwdriver*

Filling Your balloon

Before you can fly your Air Swimmer, read the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions.
After reading the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions, you can begin to fill the Shark up with Helium. This can be done at most good party shops or florists but please call ahead before visiting. You can also buy your own Helium tank that will allow you to fill your Air Swimmer at home.

To fill your Shark, lay it on a flat surface with the valve pointing towards you. Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 5  At this point, you can tie the supplied ribbon from the Air Swimmer to the tag on the packaging to stop it from floating away as you begin to fill it with Helium.

Open up the valve and insert the nozzle of the Helium tank into the balloon then release the Helium slowly so that the Shark gradually inflates. Please read the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions before filling the shark with Helium.

When your balloon is full and firm to the touch, just remove the nozzle and the valve will seal itself. The balloon will rise very rapidly when you begin filling it with helium so make sure that the ribbon is secured tightly.

Please be aware that it is dangerous to inhale Helium. So make sure that you only use it in a well ventilated area and consult any instruction manuals and the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions provided. Do not over inflate the balloon and do not use any gas other than Helium.

After a few days you may find that your Air Swimmer may lose some of its buoyancy, this is normal with Helium products therefore you’ll need to top up the balloon on regular basis. After several top ups on your Air Swimmer, the Helium inside the balloon may become mixed with Oxygen –If you find that it does not fly as well when fully inflate it, you will need to deflate and refill the balloon with fresh Helium.

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 7



Sticky Pads

Once your Shark is inflated, take a look at the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions again and you will see that you’ll need to attach all the stick pads. Peel each sticky pad from the sheet, and place one onto each of the fins and hook attachments. Repeat for the pod track.

Make sure that the backing sheet stays attached so that the pieces don’t exactly stick to anything until you are ready.

Pod Track

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 8The next step is to attach the pod track to your Air Swimmer balloon, before doing this make sure you have inserted one triple A battery into the pod.
You will need a small cross head screwdriver to unscrew the battery cover.
Once you have inserted the battery, be sure to close the cover using the cross head screwdriver.

Place the inflated Air Swimmer upside down onto a table ready to attach the pod track. Using the double-sided sticky pads, attach the pod track to the underside of the balloon (it’ll help to have another person hold the balloon for you). The end of the pod track needs to sit at the position marked “2” on the balloon.

Make sure you keep the track straight as if it curves too much the pod will not move freely along the track. You now need to place clear tape over the track tabs to keep them secure. When applying the clear tape, be careful not to cover the pod track as it may prevent the pod from moving smoothly along the track.


The next step is to attach four hooks around the back of your Air Swimmer.Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 9 These will be used to hold the tail motor unit on, peel off the backing on the sticky pad now attach it to the hook and stick it to the area on the balloon marked “Place hook here”, repeat for all four hooks. It is important to make sure that the hooks are facing towards the head of your Air Swimmer. Finally secure all hooks with the clear tape provided.

Attach the tail fin to the tail motor unit by slotting the rods into the fin assembly arms, the rods should lineup with the grooves in the arms and the end should sit comfortably in the gap of the end of the fin assembly arms. The fastening clips should be used at the top and bottom of the fin assembly arms to secure the rods in place.

To connect the tail motor unit to your Air Swimmer, use the dour elastic bands to attack the hooks on your Air Swimmer to the hooks on the fin assembly. The foam spacer needs to sit between the tail motor unit and the balloon. Make sure that the tail is lined up vertically with the fish and the plug connection on the tail motor unit facing down.

Loop the electrical cable from the pod track through the cable hoops underneath the balloon and plug it into the tail motor.
When attaching the cable to the tail motor, be sure to check that the fitting isn’t loose as this will cause the tail fin not to function properly and will affect your flight.


Don’t worry, you’re almost done with the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions!

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 10
Hold the fin and remove the backing from the now attached sticky pad, then simply stick each fin to the mark areas on the balloon, repeat for the 3 positions (two on the sharks’ underbelly and one on the top).

Once all of the fins have been attached to your Air Swimmer, apply the clear tape to each of the tabs to keep them secure.

Congratulations on following the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions guide successfully, now your Air Swimmer is now fully assembled!

The next step in the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions guide is to weight your Air Swimmer so that it floats without drifting to the ceiling or falling to the floor. With your hand, gently move the pod on its track to the central position. Then take the included putty and add this to the pod mouth until your Air Swimmer neither rises nor falls. If your Air swimmer starts to descend, then you need to remove some of the putty. If your Air Swimmer floats upwards, then you’ll need to add more putty.

In the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions, it states that Air Swimmers are only intended to fly indoors and you should avoid electric fans, lamps, candles and open fires. Please also insure you have turned off any air conditioning before you begin to fly your Air Swimmer as this will affect its flight.


Air Swimmer Shark Instructions: Controls

Put the battery included into the remote control. Turn the power switch on the pod to the “ON” position and you will see a red light appear.

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions 11
Inside the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions it says; to make your Air Swimmer move upwards, the pod must move backwards along the track. To do this you need to press “Down” on the remote and the nose of your Air Swimmer will begin to point upwards. This will feel unnatural at first as you are pressing down to move upward but you will soon get the hang of it.

To move your Air Swimmer Shark downwards, the pod must move forward along the track, so you need to press “Up” on the remote then just swim your Air Swimmer forward using the tail control.

Your Air Swimmer flies by moving the tail from side to side in a constant rhythm. To move the tail to the left, press “Left” on the remote. To move the tail to the right, press “Right” on the remote. Move the tail left and right alternately to begin the swimming motion and your Air Swimmer will move forward.

Try experimenting with faster and slower rhythms to find the most suitable speed for you. There are two ways that you can turn your Air Swimmer, if your make a slower yet sharper turn; simply press and hold the directional button corresponding to the way you want to turn. This will lock your tail and your Air Swimmer will simply float around in the chosen direction.

The second way to turn had a more realistic swimming motion as you need to vary the left and right rhythm of the tail. For instance; if you wish to turn left you’d press the left button longer than the right. Try varying the rhythm to see how this affects the speed and angle of the turn.

When you have finished flying your Air Swimmer just switch the pod to the “Off” position.

There are two ways that you can dock your Air Swimmer. The first is to retie the ribbon from the balloon to the packaging. An even easier method is to use the hook found inside of the remote to weigh down your Air Swimmer. Simply attach this hook into one of the hoops and store your Air Swimmer ready for its next flight.

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions: Storage

To deflate your Air Swimmer for storage, you’ll need to use a thin drinking straw. Slide the straw into the valve of the Air Swimmer and slowly press on the balloon until it’s empty of helium. Deflating the balloon may take 2-3min.

Have fun With your Shark we hope you’ve enjoyed and understood the Air Swimmer Shark Instructions!


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    Just got ours yesterday, took it to the store to have it filled, and no matter what we do, it wont stay floated enough to fly. We do live at some higher elevation, but have taken the steps it says to do for higher elevation, and still it wont stay afloat. We tried adding air with a straw to give it a little kick, and still no go… At a loss now… Any advice? Thanks

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