Buy Air Swimmers

5 things to know before you buy Air Swimmers

1. Buy official Air Swimmers The nylon used in making the official Air Swimmers is way more durable as the knock off Air Swimmers products. The balloon of the knock off products are also less scratch resistant than an official…
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Dolphin Air Swimmers Toy

Dolphin Air Swimmers

The Dolphin Air Swimmers are a knockoff product of the Shark and Clownfish. The William Mark Corporation is still battling the replica companies and trying to save the “Air Swimmers” name before it becomes tainted with fake products and bad…
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Air Swimmers in 2013 Online

Air Swimmers in 2013

Make sure that you still keep up with Air Swimmers in 2013 because the William Mark Corporation might produce newer models. It’s incredible, a year has passed and the remote controlled flying shark is bringing even more fans from all…
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Air Swimmers Whale Toy

Air Swimmers Whale

The Air Swimmers Whale is a new member of the flying toy family. This toy is a must have if you simply want to fly and watch something that will gracefully swim across the room without scaring people like the…
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Angry Birds Space Air Swimmers Review Poster

Angry Birds Space Air Swimmers Review

Welcome to the Angry Birds Space Air Swimmers Review. We’ve received a complimentary official Angry Bird and the Angry Birds Space edition in the mail thanks to the very generous customer representative at the William Mark Corporation (Thank you). Since…
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