Buy Air Swimmers

1. Buy official Air Swimmers

The nylon used in making the official Air Swimmers is way more durable as the knock off Air Swimmers products. The balloon of the knock off products are also less scratch resistant than an official one.
The official ones are the those produced by the William Mark corporation.
Here is where you can get Official Air Swimmers:

2. Get Quality Helium for Air Swimmers

I’ve heard complaints of people not being able to make their air swimmer leave the ground. Most of these people got their air swimmer filled at their local shop for 10$. The problem is that most of these shops mix helium with air. That might be enough for a random balloon but not for an air swimmer, which is a bit heavier. I’ve had mine floating for days with this Helium Tank

3. Go all the way

Now that you got more helium that you need, you can use it on angry birds balloons like on the video below.

4. Do not forget Batteries

Batteries are not included. You’ll need 4 of those in the air swimmer itself and 3 in the IR-remote. I suggest you get yourself at least 4 spare quality AAA batteries because the air swimmer eats the energy way faster than the remote.

5. Do not underestimate the assembly

Take your time and a neat-handed friend because assembling an air swimmer is not a child’s play. Fortunately there are some good assembly guides out there:

Enjoy your Air Swimmers!

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