Air Swimmer FAQ

How do I get helium for my Air Swimmer?

You can take the balloon to any grocery, florist or party store that sells balloons. They will fill the Air Swimmer for you for a small fee (about $1-3). You can also buy this Air Swimmer Helium Tank, which will fill several Air Swimmers. Before you take the filled balloon outside, please tie it to the ribbon included in the package so that it doesn’t blow away.

How much helium does it take to fill an Air Swimmer?

An Air Swimmer needs about 4.1 cubic feet of helium.

How long do Air Swimmers last?

Air Swimmers are made of a durable nylon material. After you fill the balloon with helium, it will stay filled for about two weeks depending of altitude and temperature.

Are Air Swimmers refillable?

Yes, you can refill the balloon over and over.

Why do you say that Air Swimmers are for indoor use only?

In order to float, Air Swimmers must weigh very little. This means that any wind or outdoor air current can easily blow the Air Swimmer away, and you’ll never see it again. When flying Air Swimmers indoors, turn off ceiling fans and watch out for strong air currents from ventilation systems. Before you take the filled balloon outside, please tie it to the ribbon included in the package so that it doesn’t blow away.

Do you sell replacement parts?

We sell replacement balloons. The retail price is $4.99 each. Retail stores may also order replacement balloons to have on hand.

Do you plan to make Air Swimmers other than the shark and clownfish?

Yes! In fact, we have a bass in production right now, which should be available in January 2012. Other creatures are under development. We are happy to take suggestions for future Air Swimmers products!

What is the difference between your Air Swimmers and the Air Swimmers sold at Toys R Us?

Toys R Us sells a radio-controlled version of Air Swimmers, which is manufactured exclusively for them under a license from our company. We sell infrared-controlled Air Swimmers to other retailers. Otherwise, the two products are very similar.

Can I play your YouTube video in my store to promote sales of Air Swimmers?

Yes! We have a looping DVD of the Air Swimmers video available to retailers. But beware: playing this DVD in your store means you’ll probably have to place another Air Swimmers order right away! The DVD can also play promotions for our other products. (Yes, we do offer products other than Air Swimmers!) Online retailers may embed the YouTube video on their own sites.

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  1. I love the shark, and wish that you have other designs for the holidays..like a turkey for thanks giving and angel for Christmas. Cupid for Valentines’ day would be cute, and you can have a little box to deliver a ring for proposal (just a little separation in the puddy compartment)

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