A Perfect Gift For A Child Toy

1. What’s are Air Swimmers?

Air Swimmers are balloons filled with Helium in the form of a fish/shark with a motor on it. You can make it go up, down and rotate it with an IR remote control. Children describe it as a fish swimming wihtout water!

2. Where can I get one?

Check out our buyers guide!

3. How does it work?

The Helium gets the Air Swimmers floating while the motor makes it go forward and rotate.

Air Swimmers motor

4. Will you lose it like a regular helium balloon?

Air Swimmers are equiped with a weight system that can make it go up and down. So you wont have to jump to get it down. The toy is designed to be used inside because the wind could blow it sideways. I’ve played outside with it but it is at your own risk.

5. Are Air Swimmers meant for children?

It is especially designed for daily brain exercise of your child which will increase the thinking capability. But you will need an adult to assemble these Air Swimmers because that’s not a child’s game.

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