Air Angry Birds Flying Toy

Air Angry Birds Overview

With the hottest and newest crazed toy to hit the shelves in 2011, Air Swimmers doesn’t have much competition out there for kids RC toys.

So what else can you do? If you can’t beat them, join ‘em.

If we all take a look at what’s on the RC toy shelves right now, we’d see the popular Air Swimmer Shark and Clownfish, the Mega Fliers Great White Shark, Clownfish and the Big Mouth Bass, but now we have a new addition to the flying toy family.

The Air Angry Birds.

The Air Angry Birds flying toy is a great gift to get your child, considering how popular the Angry Birds franchise is, why not make a toy that the youngsters will be more familiar with right?

Air Angry Birds

Even thought this version of a flying toy is a bird, it still wouldn’t be suitable for outside use due to its lightness in weight.

The body of the Bird is made from a high quality, durable nylon material the same as the Air Swimmers flying toy and it will stay inflated for weeks.

Air Angry Birds Specifications

  • Controller: Infra-red Remote Control
  • Remote Functions: Up and Down, Tail Fin Control Left and Right.
  • Remote Control Range: Up to 10 m
  • Requires: batteries + helium
  • Description:3 CH RC Flying bird
  • Size: 160cm *78cm
  • 1 colour box size:38*27*6cm
  • Packing size:56*38*56cm
  • Flying height:about 10 meters
  • Air Angry Birds Toy

    *Note: This toy is not manufactured from the William Mark Corporation*

    The Air Angry Birds just got released so grab them quick before they get sold out.

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