Sitting on Your Air Swimmer

Is Sitting on Your Air Swimmer the latest fad? While browsing the web, we’ve just so happened to stumble upon a dozen of pictures where people were sitting on the Air Swimmer balloons. I literally didn’t know what to think when I saw this, what draws a person to take the time to fill up the shark or clownfish and sits on it just to pose for the camera.

And oddly enough, all of the people in the images were suppliers of knockoff products. Hmmm, something fishy is definitely going on. Like I said in our previous articles, the knockoff suppliers must have inhaled too much of that good ol’ helium.

On a serious note, the thought is just eating me up inside, why are people sitting on their air swimmers!?

Maybe we’ll never find out.

Sitting on Your Air Swimmer Serve a Purpose?

Sitting on Your Air Swimmer ClownfishThe true origin of this habit is unknown, hopefully we’ll find out the true purpose of this soon. There are a great number of theories on this habit running around in my head as of right now.

Perhaps Sitting on Your Air Swimmer may be a marketing technique which shows the durability of the product. Or maybe it’s just plain stupidity, who knows really…

It’s actually funny if you think about it, seeing grown men sitting on something that they’re clearly not supposed to be sitting on. I wouldn’t be surprised if a balloon was popped during the process of taking the pictures.

Sitting on Your Air Swimmer

Sitting on Your Air Swimmer Clownfish 2

Sitting on Your Air Swimmer is dangerous. I’m sure that you already know this but it’s always a good idea to keep that thought in your head before you or your kids run off to sit on an air swimmer after you read this article.

Please use caution if you are thinking about Sitting on Your Air Swimmer.

2 thoughts on “Sitting on Your Air Swimmer”
  1. it takes a lot more than one persons weight to pop a mylar balloon. we exparimented with this. she rolled over one with her minivan and it just went bump bump so we rolled over it again in reverse and it popped. tried it a few times and usually had the same result. sometimes it took 6 tries. of course we had a towel under it so the rough ground wouldnt pop it and it was half inflated. but still. we parked on top of it and there it was 2 inches thick under the tire.

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