Air Swimmer Shark Review

Welcome to the Air Swimmer Shark Review of 2012. The Air Swimmer Shark is an incredible fish like toy. Ever since it was introduced to the market, it has continued to gain enormous popularity.
However, for you to understand why the hype behind this toy, it is wise to go through an Air Swimmer Shark Review. The toy is chiefly designed to offer lots of fun indoors. It is smooth, operated with a remote and uses four AAA batteries. The shark can turn in different directions and it allows you to have lots of fun since, you can control the direction that the shark takes. The toy responds to any input that you make on the remote hence, moving up, down, right and left.
Most importantly, it is smooth and makes swift movements just like a real fish makes in water.

Air Swimmer Shark Review

The movements that the fish makes are so exciting and magical. This is why you can use it to wake up a child sleeping, get some attention by flying it across the sitting room when family members are watching a movie or just play with the swim during leisure. It is very reliable because it is made of high quality nylon material. Therefore, it will stay inflated for a long time, and you will have to fill it after two to three weeks.
It is a great toy for kids above the age of 8 because; they can efficiently use the remote to maneuver in different directions.

Air Swimmer Shark Review: Controls

Air Swimmer Shark Review Unboxing

The remote offers a 360 turning control for more fun and for ease when maneuvering across the house. Most importantly, it is easy to assemble the swimmer and comes with a radio receiver. The tail and shape of the balloon brings real movements to the house as it maneuvers through the air.
Therefore, for parents, it is an excellent toy that enables kids to stay indoors and have fun in a unique way. Additionally, the color of the swimmer is really interesting. You might think it is a real shark and this is one of the aspects that make this toy one of a kind.

We hope you like our Air Swimmer Shark Review!

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