Mega Fliers Shark Instructions

Mega Fliers Shark Instructions


This video tutorial will guide you through the process of assembling your Mega Fliers Great White Shark.

Mega Fliers Shark Instructions

Even though we’re dealing with a knockoff here, we’ve decided to help those who are stuck with this product by guiding you through the Mega Fliers Shark Instructions rather than leaving you guys stranded with a fake fish that you can’t set up.
The person who is hosting the Mega Fliers Shark Instructions doesn’t really look like he enjoys his job.

Actually his assistant, the dude with the stripped shirt looks pretty angry for some reason…
Maybe it’s because they have a whole warehouse filled with those air swimmers knockoff collecting dust.

I wouldn’t be surprised, even though the the Mega Fliers are somewhat cheaper than the original, I wouldn’t recommend buying them.
But, if you are a dedicated air swimmers fan and you love to collect RC flying fish, you should just get the Big Mouth bass for novelty purposes.
The knockoff shark and clownfish is not even worth buying.

Well, hope you enjoyed and complete the Mega Fliers Shark Instructions!

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