Air Swimmers Illegal knockoff

Air Swimmers Knockoff Mod Guide

Welcome to the Air Swimmers Knockoff Mod guide.
I mean what else can you do if you’re stuck with a knockoff Air Swimmer?

You can either get rid of the dead weight and toss it in the trash can or you can mod it and have a little bit of fun with it.

But I mean come on people, if you’re going to make a knockoff at least make it look like the real thing…

Take a look at the image above…Honestly, if I ordered this dust collector online, I would fly to the trash can just to slam dunk this thing.

Air Swimmers Knockoff Mod

Help crack down on sites selling knock off Air Swimmers by reporting it to Mei Tsang, at Fish & Associates, PC, at 949-943-8313 or or contact Eileen Koch of Eileen Koch & Company Inc., a public relations firm, at 310-441-1000, or email (LA PR). Visit
You will get a free complimentary Air Swimmer as a reward.

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