child operating air swimmer shark

So Easy A Kid Can Do It!

Child Operating an Air Swimmer Shark Description: Here’s a video of a child operating an Air Swimmer Shark without a problem. With a little bit of practice, the kid could probably beat me in a race in no time.

Blake English

Blake English: Inventor of Air Swimmers

Ask Blake English, Inventor of Air Swimmers While the Air Swimmer shark and Clownfish is getting popular each day, TDmonthly Magazine decided to interview the inventor of the Air Swimmers idea for us air swimmer fans. A little about Blake…
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Blue Peter

Air Swimmers Appear on Blue Peter

The Air Swimmer Clownfish appears on the Blue Peter Show. This is a clip of Blue Peter promoting the air swimmer clownfish product. Let’s expand the community guys!

The Wright Stuff Show

Air Swimmers On The Wright Stuff Show

The Air Swimmer Clownfish is spotted flying around the set on the Wright Stuff Show. The clownfish is getting popular by the minute! It’s only a matter of time until the whole world knows about it.

Mega Fliers Shark Instructions

Mega Fliers Shark Instructions

Mega Fliers Shark Instructions Description: This video tutorial will guide you through the process of assembling your Mega Fliers Great White Shark. Mega Fliers Shark Instructions Even though we’re dealing with a knockoff here, we’ve decided to help those who…
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