Before we reflect on the Air Swimmer Knockoffs we’ve found, lets lose our selves from reality for a bit.

It’s a lovely afternoon and you want to do more than just sit behind the computer and read the news all day, so you decide to take your Google search and keyboard out for a spin.

You look at the clock and realize an hour past by in what felt like a 5 minute activity.

On The Search For Air Swimmer Knockoffs

Who knows what you might find if you go fly fishing on the internet. As a matter of fact, just the other day we stumbled on new fake air swimmer models such as the Dolphin and Tuna.

Air Swimmer Knockoffs Tuna

Yes I said Tuna and boy was that an interesting catch, like I said you don’t know what you may find on the internet. We’ve managed to find an easily 30+ sites selling Air Swimmer Knockoffs and factory pictures with photos of the machinery that actually manufactures the balloons.

Air Swimmer Knockoffs factory
Air Swimmer Knockoffs Machine

Air Swimmer Knockoffs Appearance

Air Swimmer KnockoffsAlthough most of the fakes looked nothing like the original product -actually around 95% of the products we’ve found looked like they didn’t even try to match the original or didn’t care to for that matter.
We found a bunch of small time Mega Fliers Big Mouth Bass every now and then but it seems like people are avoiding the original model like the plague so in all honesty, we didn’t even take a look at the fakes.
Even found factories in Shanghai manufacturing and distributing helium tanks and I’m pretty sure that the Helium in the tanks are heavily Diluted.

Fly Fishing Was a Success

It’s pretty scary if you think about it, you have a lot to look out for when playing with air swimmers. Nothing dangerous but annoying factors like, did we get Air Swimmer Knockoffs? Is it defective? Is this Helium Legit?
In order to make sure you have the right helium, buy it locally. I mean you can take the chance and buy it online but like everything else in life, it has its risks. And please, only buy from sites that you feel comfortable with.

Help crack down on sites selling Air Swimmer Knockoffs by reporting it to Mei Tsang, at Fish & Associates, PC, at 949-943-8313 or or contact Eileen Koch of Eileen Koch & Company Inc., a public relations firm, at 310-441-1000, or email (LA PR). Visit
You will get a free complimentary Air Swimmer as a reward.

So ditch the Air Swimmer Knockoffs if you can!