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5 things to know before buying an Air Swimmer

1. Buy an official air swimmer The nylon used in making the official Air Swimmers is way more durable as the knock off Air Swimmers

August 15, 2015 Blog
Air Swimmer Shark Instructions Body 21

Air Swimmer Shark Instructions

Welcome the to Air Swimmer Shark Instructions guide but first of all, let us congratulate you on your purchase of your Air Swimmer Shark! An

August 03, 2015 Set Up Guides
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Air Swimmers Explained

1. What’s are Air Swimmers? Air Swimmers are balloons filled with Helium in the form of a fish/shark with a motor on it. You can

April 03, 2013 Uncategorized
Black Angry Bird Air Swimmer Balloon 1

Black Angry Bird Air Swimmer

The Black Angry Bird Air Swimmer is one of the coolest developed toys for kids. This toy has gained much popularity among the kids because

March 07, 2013 Uncategorized
Dolphin Air Swimmers Toy 1 Dolphin Air Swimmers Overall Score

Dolphin Air Swimmers

The Dolphin Air Swimmers are a knockoff product of the Shark and Clownfish. The William Mark Corporation is still battling the replica companies and trying

January 20, 2013 Blog
Air Swimmers in 2013 Online 0

Air Swimmers in 2013

Make sure that you still keep up with Air Swimmers in 2013 because the William Mark Corporation might produce newer models. It’s incredible, a year

January 18, 2013 Blog
Air Swimmers Whale Toy 2 Air Swimmers Whale Overall Score

Air Swimmers Whale

The Air Swimmers Whale is a new member of the flying toy family. This toy is a must have if you simply want to fly

November 27, 2012 Blog
Angry Birds Space Air Swimmers Review Poster 2 Angry Birds Space Air Swimmers Review Overall Score

Angry Birds Space Air Swimmers Review

Welcome to the Angry Birds Space Air Swimmers Review. We’ve received a complimentary official Angry Bird and the Angry Birds Space edition in the mail

November 09, 2012 Blog
Air Swimmers Zombie Shark Review 0 Air Swimmers Zombie Shark Overall Score

Air Swimmers Zombie Shark

The Air Swimmers Zombie Shark is out in stores today. After all the scary costumes you’ve seen outside on the day of Halloween, you would

November 01, 2012 Blog
Air Swimmers Piranha New Toy 0

Air Swimmers Piranha

You are in for a treat this Christmas because the William Mark Corporation will be introducing the new Air Swimmers Piranha. The fans all over

October 29, 2012 Blog
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